In the previous article I wrote about the perception of Life Surfer of how he sees life. A better description for this might be the mindset of a Life Surfer. A mindset is a set of beliefs somebody has, which will influence his entire life experience. In this article, I would like to take things one step further and explore how a Life Surfer sees things in real life.

Even though you and I might look at the same object, we will both have a different image of what we see. If a wave surfer looks at the ocean to observe the waves, he will see a totally different picture than a non-surfer. Even more, he will see things that are invisible to the untrained eye. Life Surfing is just as much as seeing those things that Life shows but that are hard to pick up, because we are not trained to see them.  

The power of observation

A Life Surfer observes with focus and reads the invisible waves before taking action, just as a wave surfer will first check the waves before jumping in the wetsuit, taking out the surfboard and going for it. He will first ask himself the question: ‘Are these the waves I am looking for?

The reason why a wave surfer asks himself that question, is that he becomes 100% engaged and committed to his decision when going for it. A Life Surfer knows that a decision is followed by committed action. Only then can magic happen. 

Seeing the waves

The first thing a surfer sees, are the waves. He looks at the height of the waves, the number of the waves rolling in a ‘set’ and the time there is between any two sets of waves. Then he expands his horizon, where do the waves start and where do they collapse. Are there dangerous areas that need to be avoided when surfing? All of this is the surfer exploring the physical landscape. 

It’s in the very same way that a Life Surfer explores the physical landscape. A Life Surfer observes the CURRENT situation that he is dealing with and might carefully make an assumption of how the very near future might evolve.  Please remark that a Surfer checks the CURRENT CONDITIONS and might make an estimation for how long the current conditions will last (will it become dark, rainy, windy, …), which is the same as making an estimation of how long this session will last.

Seeing the possibilities …

An experienced surfer can check the waves and see the possibilities they give him. Are these waves that are screaming to be barreled? Or are they more the type of waves that make up for wonderful acrobatic jumps? Or are they perfect waves to try out that new move that you are trying to learn? This is the Surfer assessing the function of the waves. What will these waves bring the surfer?

Once a Life Surfer observed the situation, he goes beyond the physical level by seeing the possibilities that are around. A Life Surfer knows that the possibilities are unlimited. Every thought can be one which opens a new set of waves, bringing something else instantly in play which might or might not carry far into the future.

Let’s say you are in the shop waiting in line and it might take a while before it’s your turn to unload your shopping your cart. Now think like a Life Surfer, what are the possibilities that are lying right before you? Don’t forget the first step, observation, which will make it easier to spot a good possibility that you can and maybe even also want to execute. You look behind you and you see a man with a proud moustache, one which has those curly tops at the side. You imagine that you can make eye contact, smile and compliment him on it. What would that wave bring you? It’s definitely there, it’s you who has to choose to ride it or not. 

Seeing the connections …

A surfer observes the physical landscape and sees the possibilities that he wants to experience. Before he can actually go into the water, he needs to make sure that he has a good chance of realizing the possibilities that he saw. A surfer knows that once he is in the water, that he is left  to what is being offered him right there right then and his own skillset. So a good game plan is necessary to bring the surfer in the most optimal position in the most efficient way. For that, a surfer sees the connections between the parts that make up the scene. 

He will see the flow of the waves and where the water returns to the ocean, this gives him an ‘easy way’ to reach the outside. He will use a rocky zone as a spot to focus on to get him to the perfect starting position to catch the waves. The time between two sets will be time for recuparation or to find some companion and have a chat in the outside. The surfer sees the ‘function’ of something. 

The same counts for a Life Surfer. He will see the function of the subparts that play a role in the current situation. Creating possibilities without understanding why is not how a Life Surfer rides. While standing in line thinking about creating a conversation with Mr. Moustache, you ask yourself why. And then you find out that you are curious because you don’t understand how it stays like this. And realizing this, you find the right words coming to you: “Excuse me sir, but how comes your moustache is so nicely curved at the tops, while I cannot imagine this for myself to work?” 

These words leave your mouth and for a split second, your realize that you are stuck in this and have nowhere to go and will have to trust the wave will be a good one. For that, there is still one layer deeper that a Life Surfer will see and will heavily depend on when it comes to having faith.  

Seeing the intention …

The wave surfer needs to have faith in his skills and abilities that he will manage the situations that he has gotten himself into. Setting the intention straight from the beginning will be a life line and will give a final answer to the question: ‘Are these the waves I am looking for?”

An experienced and truthful wave surfer will know when he checks within himself if these waves are the right ones for this moment. When a surfer tries to step to far out of his comfort zone, his limits will push him right back into it. If the waves matches the intention, the surfer will feel excitement and a small amount of fear will keep him focused to get through it. The experience will be a positive one, as the conditions will allow for the experience he was looking for and this will be an invitation to go further. 

A Life Surfer sees and keeps a close eye on the intentions that he has. It’s the life line in all of the circumstances that one will encounter. Seeing the intention allows the Life Surfer to have faith that the choices based upon these, will bring him closer to the goal that he has set. You can trust your intuition and choose to ride waves that are invisible to the untrained eye and that will lead you further to new opportunities. 

The man with the moustache hesitates, looks at you and (unconsciously) feels that your questions is of genuine interest, not one of mockery, and he explains how he does it. You can see him smile while explaining the do’s and don’ts of having a curly moustache. You decide to have a simular one next month. 


Waiting in line turned into having a curly moustache.

As a Life Surfer you will see beyond the physical landscape and turn it into an exciting world of opportunities. Living an extraordinary life is simple: get more of positive experiences and get less of negative ones. In order to do so you need to learn to see the invisible, that what lies beyond the physical world.

Check for:

  1. Physical characteristics = invitation for focus on the present moment
  2. Possibilities = invitation for creativity to come
  3. Functions = invitation for learning / making a game plan
  4. Connections = invitation for understanding 
  5. Intentions = invitation for having faith in your own purpose