In the first part of this article, I wrote about a meeting with a homeless guy and how that led to understanding how perception not only impacts my own reality, but also that of others. 

The second part of this story is about a specific belief of mine, which involves my ‘money mindset’. The homeless guy and I had a second meeting, though this time we didn’t speak in physical reality, but instead we met in a dream. For me, it doesn’t matter if we spoke in a dream or in true reality, the content of what was said is way more important than the fact if the experienced reality appears to be a physical one or not. I asked the homeless guy, setting on a bench, if I could give him something to help him out. Here’s what the conversation looked like:

Me: Hey! Can I help you out with something? What do you need? 

Him: Money

Me: I can’t give you that, I’m sorry.

Him: Why not?

Me: Because I don’t believe in money. It won’t help you out. 

Him: Isn’t that my choice to make? How can you know and why do you say that? 

Me: Money puts a limit on freedom, and freedom is what you have and I think it’s the most valuable thing there is. You can get up in the morning and decide to let life flow and see where it will take you each day again. My whole life I am seeing people being slaves because of money. My parents worked their entire life to pay the bills. I see people not enjoying work,  work that is consuming all their energy which they should be using to enjoy life. They can’t let go of a situation they are not enjoying because they need the money to pay the bills. I see entrepreneurs getting trapped into earning more money. They are selling products to people who are not needing it, using marketing tricks to lure them in to make a bigger profit. All of this, the entrepreneurs do this so that, one day, they can be free to do whatever they want. Except, that day where life is there to enjoy doesn’t come or doesn’t last. There is more to earn and enough is not longer enough. The change of intention to make more money makes them prisoners, locked up into their own company. So money isn’t something I can give you, what good is something to be given when it’s empty? 

The homeless guy smiled while listening. And I too listened to myself. It was the first time I heard myself saying that money puts a limit on freedom, whereas others might just have the opposite belief: that money is necessary to gain freedom. The fact is, none of these statements are either true or false. They are exactly that what you belief them to be. Money does allow for freedom, and money does have the power to imprison someone. 

I don’t consider money to be bad. I think of it as energy that flows and allows for things to happen. This is what I thought about money (and I still do so). However, I didn’t realize that I considered earning more money than what I need to live a comfortable life, to be a threat towards my freedom, putting an invisible limit on my earnings. 


Once a belief has surfaced and is no longer a blind spot, it’s time to prove the belief wrong. But how to do that? My favorite method is to meditate on the belief itself. Where does it come from? Knowing the original cause is finding the antidote at the same time. So that is what I did. I sat down and meditated upon my belief about money, which basically comes down to having an honest conversation with myself. It went something like this: 

There was a time where I started as an entrepreneur. My motive to start a business was freedom. After 6 year being in service of a big company, I felt restricted and I couldn’t cope with it anymore. I wanted freedom and starting my own business was my ticket out. I took some time before I got a first customer, but from then on, my confidence grew and so did my company. Soon, I saw that work was expanding in all directions. I saw the money coming in and I couldn’t say no to anything, after all, I thought I needed the money. The need and want of freedom was being replaced with the need for having (more) money. The consequence was that my agenda was full of deadlines that were set by others, and even worse, full of work that I didn’t like. I accepted most jobs because they gave me money, not because I liked to do them.  

I broke down, mentally and physically. I gave up all of my on-going assignments. I needed time off to find the joy of life again. I was determined to start over and not to make the same mistake again. Chasing money would no longer be an objective and freedom would again be my guidance.

That subconsciously changed my money mindset, fixing the belief that earning more money than necessary is putting a limit on my freedom. 

Seeing my thought pattern unraveled, made me also see the solution. I realized that money on itself is not a limiting factor upon freedom. Deciding to accept an assignment pure for the sake of money, is however putting a limit on my freedom as I actually don’t WANT and don’t NEED to do that assignment but I HAVE to do it for money reasons. Seeing this in the right context, makes it clear that money is a byproduct of having the freedom to do the things you want to do. 


A second way of turning a belief around is by taking action. Someone who is afraid of heights, can overcome it by facing his fears. Facing your fear one time, might not be enough. Dedication and persistence might help to reach the goal of turning things around. Finding the right environment that allows for the right experience is also as crucial as facing the belief (or fear) straight in the eye. In case of money mindset, it’s good to find a peer person, to which you can relate to and see how he or she is doing it. What’s the lifestyle that they have and how do they see money. How can you use their methods and integrate these into your own environment?

Proving yourself the opposite to be true, is literally mind blowing. 

Think about the impact something that you thought to be true being changed into falsehood. It shows that perception is a powerful tool to change your own reality in the way that you want to experience it. Find it hard to earn money, and so it will be. Convince yourself that the opposite is true and you will enter a completely different world.

In the end, this whole world is a collection of every one’s perceptions, all influencing each other. Make your perceptions into ones of freedom, love and peace. You are the only one responsible for your own reality that you call your life. Having beliefs that are experienced through perceptions, you have the power to change your own reality and make it as joyful as possible.

Knowing, realizing and fully understanding that your perceptions and your beliefs have an equal impact on others as on yourself, gives you the power to change the world.