The Life Map

 Seeing reality in all its facets and layers

Schema Life Map

What is it? 

The life map is my way of ordening knowledge of ‘life’ into an understandable and logical scheme. Click on the picture above to enlarge it and see how you can perceive, think and experience life in general. It makes the connection between inside and outside, between your own physical body and the outside world. 

This map is a creation coming forth from the answer to what life is and what its function is. For me, life is about forming the bridge between idea (vision) and the physical result (realization) in this world. We are literally the bridge between Heaven and Earth, we communicate what’s inside us and express that through words and actions. We are all creative beings and our purpose is to explore and to express what we have to give to our environment and by doing that, making this world an even better place. 

Creation doesn’t happen without learning. A lot of our creations are unfinished, which is often experienced as ‘it’s not what we’ve expected it to be’. This is a sign that we don’t understand our own self and our creations completely: we need to readjust our expectations, or we need to adjust our approach. Either way, learning involves figuring out how the environment and its different components all work separately AND together as one. 

This map allows to learn, which means to check which level is not aligned with the set intention and how to overcome that. Underneath you see a picture of how 4 different perspectives can lead to 4 different ways of living your life (in a specific moment or in general). Depending on what you want to express, each of them can be as good as any as long as you align all levels with the same intention (which means to stay in the same colour zone). You can’t be in surviving mode when you want to use your brain to solve a mathematical problem, it just doesn’t work and will only leave you frustrated. And yet, this is how most of us function nowadays. 

How does it work?

This map is a tool that shows to perceive reality, how to think and how to ‘inter-act’ as a human being. It gives an insight in how to investigate problems, to find a way out and turn any situation into a learning moment. 

Creation comes when learning has been sufficiently captured. This is where you want to be, when life shows you that you are a creative being and that it is your purpose to create by being yourself. The world will become a reflection of your inside (as it always is), with the reflection being pure love (which is your true core).  

I’ve written a manual for the life map that can be downloaded by clicking underneath button. This manual takes you step by step through the life map, explaining its components and how life functions behind the scene. The last chapter is entirely devoted to how you can become your own coach and take life into your own hands. 

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