We all do it, no matter if you are an entrepreneur, an employee, or any other occupation. You outsource tasks, it’s what we all do. It can be as simple as calling a professional for solving a water leak at home, or it can be your daily bread as a manager in a corporate environment. While that may seem as a big difference between the two situations, it actually is not. 

After my first post about outsourcing tasks and letting it sink in for a while, I now think it’s time for a simplified version.


The only key is ’empathy’

Simplifying until it becomes visible to the naked eye without having to see it, it occurred to me that there is actually only one major key in outsourcing tasks, but once again, that it is a layered key. 

Empathy means that you know, you sense and feel the other person, animal, plant or object. 

4 layers of empathy in outsourcing tasks


Physical layer

Imagine yourself in the shoes of the one who is assigned the task. Is all the required information available? In other words, does the person have access to the source of information that he/she needs to complete the task?

If not, it won’t take long before the task is back on your plate with additional questions. It’s frustrating for the assignee as well as you who has outsourced the task in the first place. 

Mental layer

Empathy allows you to feel if the person is capable of executing the task or even better, if the person is capable of learning how to execute the task to achieve a certain quality of a result. The mental layer is the capacity to learn. You can provide all the information and guidelines in order how to do it, but it the person doesn’t ‘get the process’ you won’t have a fulfilling result.

Emotional layer

Empathy allows you to see if the assignee is attracted to the job and for what reason. How much energy does the person get from fulfilling the task or is it more a matter of how much energy is taken away? The emotional layer will affect the quality of the result and will decide if it’s a masterpiece or just a ‘job well done’. Feel the motivation and the authenticity of the person that you want the task to be executed by. Then choose between someone who delivers and one who will overdeliver because they like what they are doing. 

Spiritual layer

The question to ask here is as follows: is the person doing this stuff meant to be here? What can I learn from this person in how they deal with a certain task? Why does she/he like it and has made a job out of it? Seeing that can open a whole new world of seeing things, placing them in the right perspective. This is the deepest layer of empathy and often overlooked for its simplicity and its potential it has in order to heal ourselves.

Working together with people who are at the right time and place, will often do more than just do the job. They will teach you something about yourself, making yourself a little bit more whole again. That’s when you know you have the right person in front of you.