The Conscious Business Model

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The Conscious Business Model

The emphasis of the conscious business model (CBM) is on the conscious part of the sentence. The model uses awareness to identify the heart of your business. Using this model will affect more than your business. It’s a way of living. One can succeed in business and still not succeed in life. Most successful businesses belong to this category. The goal, however, should be to succeed in life, and a business is a perfect means to an end for that matter. This is what this CBM is all about.

This site focuses mainly on business, here you can find how the Conscious Model is applied for business. I’ve created a series of articles that will help you to first get to know this model, understand the different parts and how to use it.

What is the Conscious Business Model (CBM)?

No matter which business you are in, no matter if you offer a service or manufacture a product, no matter how big or small your business is, at the core root there is a division that can always be made of parts that play a crucial role.

Inside the CBM - the dynamics

How are the 4 levels (structure – strategy – network – heart) interacting with each other. What has change and emotions to do with this model. Find out in this article how each part of the model plays an important role and influence on the other levels..

How to use the CBM in real life

Once you know the 4 different layers, you can start using each layer as a reference point to look at a certain situation and to use them as tools in order to learn more. The main focus of this article is that you can get unstuck by use of the conscious business model.

The ultimate purpose - change helping

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