A growth curve is one of the most beautiful things there is. It tells a whole story on itself, every growing curve has its own specific form, with some heights and lows in between, but most likely, when nature has its way, it will look something like the picture above. In this article, I will explain my personal view on it and how it teaches me to see some things in perspective.

An average growing curve can be divided into 3 major parts. As in most stories, there is a beginning, a middle part and an ending.

The learning stage

This first part shows that progress is slow and almost non-existent depending on the time-scale used. Everything new to you, such as learning a language, starting up a business, learning a new skill, … will ask for your time and energy. Therefore it’s interesting to add a new graph showing the amount of energy that is needed to make progress.

This shows that you have to put in a big effort without getting much result. A crucial point of this early stage is your own motivation. How much do you want it? Are you prepared to put in the time and energy without making much progress?

As you might already know, the learning phase is a time of problems. It’s a time of worries, fears and doubts about a lot of things. It’s a time of discomfort where everything feels weird: you don’t own the skill, the language, the experience, … yet.

Use the time to get to know the basics. Build your experience slowly but steadily until you reach the first tipping point where learning transforms into growing. You will reach this point when some actions or thinking happens unconsciously and/or effortlessly. In other words, when you have formed a habit ingrained in your system.

The growing stage

When you enter this stage, energy is finally flowing back to you in the form of visible and very tangible growth. Besides that, you have installed some habits into your system, reducing the efforts that you have to make to obtain those results.

In this stage, you have mastered the basics and because you managed to fit them into your world, you have given them a personal touch. This is where you are getting attention from others in the way how you do it. Growth is nearby whenever others are involved. And it will be in an exponential way. Consider a human network, every new person added to an existing network will bring in a certain number of new persons.

What’s the major problems that you can encounter in this stage? Growing too fast often leads to chaos, a loss of overview or a heightened pressure on all systems. What if your foundation is not strong enough for the growth that you might encounter? What if your business suddenly attracts more customers than you can handle?

A lot of people don’t make the choice consciously to grow, but get caught in it, unprepared. When you as a person are not ready to ask for help or to accept help, then growth will wear you out pretty fast.

Use this stage to connect with others, to explain them how you do it and invite the right persons to work towards your goal. This is where true magic happens and many numbers become one big unit

The thriving stage

You are thriving your business when you take it to the next level. Not many people know how to handle a decreasing growth rate and keep on finding artificial ways in order to expand the growing stage as long as possible. Growing rates are looked at on a weekly, monthly, yearly base. Whenever the curve is showing a drop in growth rate, panic is near and all measurements are good enough to keep that rate at the same level or higher.

It’s only natural that growing rates decline after a while. Imagine that your network is so big, that each newly added person (that comes with the same average size of people), will bring less new people with it. You are already connected with most people via another way.

This stage is to learn again, but now to learn to enjoy having some peace and being able to let go. A business that thrives will have a profound impact on the direct environment in which it is active. It is a direct relationship where business and environment (not only the market itself) are strongly dependent on and influenced by each other.

Think about the relationship between rabbits and its predator. More rabbits will mean a growth in predators, until a tipping point is reached and it has to rebuilt again, taking down the numbers of the predators as well.

Sadly enough, our modern companies are not looking to thrive and being in balance with the environment. When is enough, good enough


A growing curve shows there’s a time of learning, growing and learning to enjoy the achieved. Being in balance, having peace with how things are going. In our society, learning is skipped too fast by the vast amount of marketing tools there are. It has become very easy to grow your business from day 1, without having a proper structured installed.

Take your time, put in the effort and feel the joy of growing in a fundamental way. Spread your message the way it evolves over time. Don’t make up stories that do not exist yet to attract people. There will come a time when your story will go around, and it will be truly yours. Growth is a natural consequence when attention is focused in the right way.

Thrive your business when the time is right. Don’t let greed expand your growing curve into infinity.