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I am very happy that you check out this page as this means that you might want to support us in our mission to add more consciousness to entrepreneurship. 

The reason why I am motivated to do this is that I know you and I can make a difference just by starting with giving the knowledge needed for making the transition towards more consciousness. The reason why I keep on being motivated is that more and more people are on on this track as well.

By visiting this website and finding out about our message, you are supporting us and I am very thankful for this. The fact that you have found this website means that you are looking for answers, for knowledge that is not the daily and over(ab)used advice on how to make bigger profits. Don’t get me wrong, I do think a business needs to make a profit in order to be sustainable. This is as vital as the human body that needs oxygen in order to be alive. Profits however, are the indirect result of doing the right things in a consistent matter over a long term period.

By becoming a conscious entrepreneur you will inspire and touch many people’s lives for the best. That is my biggest mission in life and by helping you living such life and running a business in this way means that I am getting closer to our goal. 

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There are several ways to help us grow further and stimulate more (potential) business owners to follow the path of conscious entrepreneurship.

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If you want to connect in some way and talk more about learning, business, ideas and other interesting stuff, then please do not hold back. I am very thankful for all the persons that have helped me throughout my journey. You can also find me on LinkedIn here. Another way to reach me is to send me an email at

My main principle is that knowledge should to be shared which leads to experience and true learning. Thank your stopping by and reading this.

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