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Why you are creative

If you like it or not, you are a creative being. You cannot do anything else than to create, even if you would sit there and (try to) do nothing. You are constantly creating your own world, breaking it down and building it up again. Even if it’s only using your mind (and imagination).

We often think that being creative is all about art, like making music, making sculptures and paintings. But being creative is more than all those things. ‘Creating something physical’ is just a tiny fraction of what being creative really is.

This world of yours is highly changeable from moment to moment, from day to day. One time it can be all about physical experience, and some other time it can be all about thoughts or about your own inner emotions. But whatever it is, you are the one creating it at all times. You are the one perceiving the world in a unique way. You are the one taking action, and by that (re)shaping the world. You are the one experiencing inner feelings, it’s not happening without you or through somebody else. 

I hope you can see that you are in fact, creating your own unique world, every single moment in time. You can’t do anything else but that. And by looking at your inner and outer creations, you get a chance to find out who you really are. 

How you are creative

Most of the time we are not conscious about our own creations. It’s the world happening to us, it’s being lived in stead of living yourself. But you are also creating, when you are constantly on the move from one place to another, or when you are doing one task after the other, or when you are taken away by your feelings, thrown into the past or into the future. The world that you get yourself into, is just not your own. And that may cause some problems. 

What if you decided to start creating consciously? What if you recognized the importance of being in charge of your own unique world? Yes, you do share your world with all those others around you, co-creating one big world all together. 

Imagine what it would be like, if your world is one that nurtured you instead of one that frightens you to go out there and do something. Start realizing that it is possible to create your own world, in which you can be feel at home. 

Start taking responsibility for your thoughts, your actions and your feelings. Start by consciously creating your perfect world by saying YES to the things that you want to welcome in your world and saying NO to all the rest. Create space and time for your own and other creations that matter to you. Let all the rest co-exist without your interference. It’s all OK. 


Let me share you my creation

I’ve created a life map, which gives an insight in how life works behind the scenes. I am honored to share this with you and with as many as possible. 


Schema Life Map