How to start a business

Help yourself by helping others

Why this workshop?

This workshop is here to help you solve 4 basic questions that must be crystal clear to you BEFORE you start your business. However most entrepreneurs start of and figure these questions out along the way. This is fine as long as you don’t run out of time. The faster and the more you think deeply about these questions, the better your business stands a good chance of not only surviving, but growing and thriving as well.

Set-up of the workshop

Find the table of content here:
1. Structure - What are you going to do?
  • Discover your main flow
    • Framework
    • Parties involved
  • Discover your side flow
2. Strategy - How are you going to help your clients?
  • Analyzing the main flow
  • Analyzing the side flows
  • Basic side flows
3. Network - How are you going to communicate?
  • Setting up the basic side flows
  • Bringing it all together
  • External communication – verbal
  • External communication – non-verbal
4. Heart - Why are you starting a business?
  • The heart of your business
  • The (business) cycle of life
  • Helping yourself by helping others
  • How to discover your why
  • Value & finances
  • Completing the puzzle
  • For you

Let’s go!

You can download the workshop in .pdf format via underneath button. Feel free to copy, adjust and spread the content if wanted. If you have any feedback, such as suggestions for improvements, adjustments that you have made or any other input, contact me via underneath form. Thank you for downloading this.

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