How to set up a website

Change the way of helping others

Why this workshop?

Let me start with saying what this workshop is not as that might already change your expectations. This workshop is not a how-to-build-a-website-yourself, meaning really building one yourself.

This workshop is about setting up a construction, a structure so that you know the following:

  • How are your pages going to look like
  • What order/sequence will these page have

A website is all about communication, so this workshop belongs to the category ‘network’. When you know how your website is going to be set up, the next step is to either build it yourself or let it be built by somebody else. As always, the better you prepare the setting up, the easier it is to know how your message functions online and possible, the cheaper the bill will be from your website builder.


Set-up of the workshop

Find the table of content here:
1. Introduction
This workshop builds upon 4 layers of the Universal (Business) Model:

  1. Structure: framework & purpose of your website
  2. Strategy: how do you set up a roadmap & specific pages
  3. Network: how does your website communicate & connect
  4. Heart: how does your website help the potential customer
2. Structure - purpose & basic structure your website
  • Why a website
  • What a website always is
  • Basic structure of a website
  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Product/Service page
3. Strategy - Plan your roadmap and set up pages
  1. Setting up the roadmap
  2. Setting up the homepage
  3. Setting up the about page
  4. Setting up the product/service page
  5. Setting up the contact page
4. Network - Communication & connection
  • Internal & external communication
  • Internal communication – follow the path
  • Follow the path – homepage
  • Follow the path – header menu
  • Follow the path – footer menu
  • External communication – non-verbal communication
  • Style of the house
  • External communication – verbal communicatoin
5. Heart - Align intentions
  • Perspective of a website
  • Creating a win-win
  • The free giveaway
  • Content pages
  • Seek help via your website

Let’s go!

You can download the workshop in .pdf format via underneath button. Feel free to copy, adjust and spread the content if wanted. If you have any feedback, such as suggestions for improvements, adjustments that you have made or any other input, contact me via underneath form. Thank you for downloading this.


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