Five Things Every Freelancer Needs to Know 23 min.

When starting to freelance, you will encounter challenges. Here is what you need to know to face them.


In this class we will go over the five most important essentials every new freelancer needs to know and do in order to succeed. The advice given helps you to navigate around common problems and accelerates the development of your career. It also might help you with the decision if you should start to freelance.

Chapter 1 : An Introduction

The importance of leaving your cave and how to improve working from home


Chapter 2 : Workspace 101

How to set up your workspace


Chapter 3 : Client Management 101

Customer is king! 


Chapter 4 : Accounting 101

Not the nicest of skills, but necessary knowledge for a freelancer 


Chapter 5 : Skill Management

What are your skills and how to improve them


Chapter 6 : Financials 101

How do you deal with money?


Chapter 7 : It's a wrap

Final words


Julian Wiskemann

Julian Wiskemann


I am Julian, a communication and marketing freelancer based in Berlin, Germany. I also run a small vending machine start-up, selling sustainable snacks. 

I have been freelancing for more than four years and worked with leading agencies for some of the most innovative companies. I did (or still do) projects for Google Cloud Platform, YouTube, Klarna,, Nivea, Bacardi, and many more. For the last two years I was also teaching Online Marketing and Public Relations in offline classes. Now I want to share my work experiences and knowledge here on Skillshare.

Before starting my freelance career, I was working for the international PR-Agency Edelman, followed by Best Kiteboarding, where I worked as the Communications Manager.


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