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Every business starts as a small seed in the form of an idea. For some it stays an idea forever. For others it’s a like riding a rodeo bull that can’t be controlled. And for the select few, it’s a lifetime journey of expressing who you really are. 

Expressing yourself means that you will have a clear effect on the people you meet. Attraction or just the opposite. Finetuning the process of attracting the right people, connecting them with your richness, willl make your growing rate go through the roof. 

Growth will decline when it reaches a crucial dynamic balance with its environment. Letting go and not chasing infinite growth will take you on a new path. Taking your business to the next level, requires stepping back, seeing the unique whole organism that can function beyond your existence.

The journey of growing a business

Behold the path that lies before you! 

It looks like a huge mountain that appears in front of you. And it is. But it’s not as hard as you might think it is to climb it. There’s a direct relationship with the energy you have to put in as a business owner. 

Growing your business means that you will start with learning what it is to own a business, learn the basic principles of it. This means a fairly slow start, going over into a more aggressive going upwards curve. Most business owners know this as an exponential growing rate and would like to stay in this zone forever. 

The last part of the mountain is growth declining and reaching a point of dynamic balance with the environment. It’s where you can take your business to the next level. 

Starting your business

There are 3 critical points in starting your business that you need to be aware of that will hold you back from really making progress.

  1. Overthinking your start
  2. Putting in enough energy
  3. Knowing where to focus on

Really going for it, means that you have to make a decision AND TAKE ACTION upon it. When you are dreaming of a company, check what’s holding you back. Are you overthinking? Imagining all possible outcomes that can go wrong when you start a business? Time to deal with these insecurities, so you will also start seeing the possibilities instead of only the threats. 

A start-up phase is a period that will ask a lot of energy of your own. It’s where you need to put some effort in to get the train moving. Nothing ever happens without a little push from something. This means that you must have the time, the space and the energy to do this. If you lack time or the space to efficiently try to learn something, than it won’t work. Dedication is what you need. 

Having the time, space and energy to focus on your business is great! But are you sure you are focusing on the right aspects of your business? It’s important to focus on the things that will make the foundations for further growth of your business. Make sure you are not wasting prescious time and energy on something that won’t give you the rewards.

A last note on starting up: check above graph and see that this part of the road is the most lonely part. It’s you who needs to learn the basic principles of owning a business. It’s you who eventually has to put in the necessary energy and effort to get things going. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help here. Many people have gone the entrepreneurial road before you and you can gain a great deal from having support along the way. 

Growing your business

Welcome to the next phase of growing your business. While the first phase is all about yourself, the next one is all about attracting others. You have mastered the basic principles of a business and have tweaked these into something that is uniquely yours.

Your dedication and persistence in the first phase have resulted into habits that benefit you and your business. You have experienced good and less good clients. You have experience in certain tasks that you want more of or just the opposite: assignments that you will never again accept. 

Through this experience, you have become a master in efficiency. The personal energy that you put in has some clear and big results. Even though your business is growing and thus still needs the power to get going, the effort is being divided over several others. People are coming to help you, want to become part of your mission.

    There’s a heavy price to pay when one gets into the growing stage without accepting help or without having finetuned your business. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to jump straight into the growing stage as this can be done by setting up the right marketing. In this highly connected world, people can be reached and with a crafty message people can be attracted as customers. 

    Unprepared for growth, it will burn you out. When you are ready, but your business is not, then structures will collapse that can’t hold the pressure of incoming work that mounts up. 

    Take the time to get into this stage, growth is not a button that you can switch on or off, it’s an automatic reaction of doing the rights things over a longer period of time. Consider a habit that forms over a certain period. Ever more efficient with each time lesser energy needed. 

    At a certain point, there will be another crucial point: that time when growth rates slowly decline. This is the turning point where it’s time to take your business to the next level. Don’t fall into the trap of ever expanding your growth curve until infinity. That requires a sh*tload of energy, while it is actually time to decrease the efforts. 

    Thriving your business

    So you’ve made it in the thriving stage. Where energy is fully carried by others and your company can stand its man in this world without your existence. That doesn’t mean you should just quit all together now. 

    This stage is there to give you a moment of rest, of enjoying the view and thinking about the journey that you have made. It’s the moment where you realize how many people can be helped by your experience. It’s also the moment that you might realize that your company has a social impact. 

    The energy that you no longer need to put directly in the results of your company, can be used elsewhere. It’s where you can take your business to the next level and make an impact on different levels.  

    So is this the end of it? Of course not, it’s the start of a new chapter in your book. The curve as you can see above is now in a dynamic balance with its environment. That means that you have a direct impact on society but also that society has a direct impact on you. Loose the environment out of sight for too long and your company will be out of business. 

    This is the most beautiful stage there is, where a business is no longer manipulating environments to grow further. They offer a steady flow of help that is always there. Sometimes that flow is a big stream and sometimes it is less wide depending on the needs of it. 

    Focus on your business

    The key to evolve your business is focus. However, focus is not enough. You need to focus on the right things that will make sure your business evolves in the right direction. What good is focus and attention when it’s directed at the wrong things? There are many companies out there that start right, but have lost focus along the way. 

    How to start your own business 

    You want to take life in your own hands by starting your own business. Or you notice that you could use some guidance in lifting your business up from the ground? 

    Search no more! Prepare to launch your business in a natural and unforced way. 

    Find everything you need to know to have a strong foundation for your business. Be fully prepared and grow your confidence so you can take that leap!