Do you sometimes wonder how somebody sees life? A lot of people get together based upon the perception they have of life. Think about demonstrations, but also sports events, music festivals, … these are people coming together which share a common idea on a certain topic.

A Life Surfer has a very powerful and unique way to look at the world and at Life itself. Remember that a Life Surfer is based upon a normal ‘wave surfer’. There are 4 strong beliefs that I have picked out underneath, if you have the time, think for yourself what they could mean before reading further. 

  1. Life is effortless
  2. Life is a constant flow of energy
  3. Problems don’t exist
  4. What you see is the past and not the present


Life is effortless 

On the left side of this text, you will see a graph. It’s the relationship between energy and time. The red line is the outcome that you will have when putting in an effort over some time. That effort that you put in, is represented by the orange interrupted line.

Basically, the graph shows that something becomes effortless after a while, when enough practice has been done and the skill has been sufficiently mastered.  

Now why does a Life Surfer perceive Life as effortless, as it clearly shows that a rather big effort is needed when we begin to learn a new skill? Or knowing that any beginning requires quite some effort and energy? Here lies the raw power of the Life Surfer: a true Life Surfer doesn’t think that learning a new skill is tough and effortful. At the contrary, it’s a process that is experienced as being highly rewarding and satisfying and because of that, it’s effortless. Not even hundreds or thousands of hours of practicing can change this. 

Think about the child (typically the best Life Surfers of the planet) that learns how to walk. If the child would experience this as effortful, it might give up before achieving any steps at all. But it simply doesn’t consider this. A child can keep going on until food or sleep is more attractive than the walking itself. Some cheering on the side helps of course as well to keep the energy level fully charged. 

Life is a constant flow of energy 

Or in the words of a wave surfer: there’s always a next wave to come. If you like it or not, the world keeps on spinning, even when you are no longer here. And because it keeps on spinning, stuff keeps happening to all of us. This can be either good or exciting things, but this can also be somewhat more negative experiences. In any case, the world spins as it does and is giving all that is needed in order to fulfil all of your deepest wishes.

A Life Surfer knows that waves come and go and that different waves can be found depending on location and timing. A Life Surfer sees energies before they make their entrance into the physical world. A wave slowly builds up and can come from far before it reaches the shore. On some days, the waves will be absent, on other days the waves will seem to touch the sky. 

That’s why the Life Surfer chooses his timing and his location carefully. There are places with waves that are far beyond his control, and there are places where the waves seem empty or non-existing. Sometimes a Life Surfer is ahead and sometimes a Life Surfer is running behind the facts, but no matter what, a Life Surfer has faith that Life will take him where he needs to be to catch the Wave that is his destiny. That ultimate wave is one which is constant and everlasting. 

Problems don’t exist

We are talking about the perceptions of a Life Surfer. An obvious one is that a Life Surfer knows no problems. Problems simply do not exist in the mind of a true Life Surfer. This perception is strongly connected to the first two beliefs ‘Life is effortless’ and ‘Life is a constant flow of energy’.

What others call problems, is for a Life Surfer something totally different. It is Life talking to him directly. These are ‘Life-tells’, where Life shows you what you need to fulfill your deepest wishes and needs. When going from A to B with the car, you wouldn’t consider traffic lights and road signs as problems and yet, this is what people do on daily basis. A Life Surfer knows that Life is showing him the way, guiding with the easiest instruction of all there is: continue as such until you feel (the slightest) resistance. Then adjust and continue.

Problems are considered opportunities or even invitations to make some changes that lie within his power, so that the energy can flow again. When all ‘problems’ or obstacles are removed, the energy flow becomes constant, carrying and supporting the Life Surfer everywhere where he needs or wants to be.

What you see is the past, and not the present

This might be a hard one to swallow for most people, but for the Life Surfer it is normal wisdom. Each situation that one finds is a consequence of a (series of) previous event(s). Because of that, the world that a Life Surfer sees is one that shows the past. 

The present is a window of opportunity inside the world of the past. Choices and actions are made in the present and have no physical result as these outcomes lay in the future and are shown in the past. A Life Surfer knows that only those actions and choices are changing or maintaining the past conditions, creating a future world or reality.

The present moment is nothing more than oneself, being conscious of himself and/or his thoughts, feelings and actions. A Life Surfer is aware of this and tries to create his own reality as he is the only one responsible for this. When he doesn’t take care of his present moment, then his future self and reality will reflect this. A Life Surfer lives in the present moment, taking care of his actions, thoughts and feelings, and by doing that, he has total faith in Life. Life support each and every one in giving exactly what the actions, thoughts and feelings in the present moment requested and asked for. 

Some thoughts…

These 4 foundational beliefs and principles hold the power to open the door for a new life in which you can sit at the steering wheel and design your own Life. A Life Surfer keeps these 4 principles in the back of his mind, knowing that they will manifest stronger the more he beliefs in it. 

When you find yourself on the path to be a Life Surfer, start with repeating these 4 simple sentences to yourself: 

  • Life is effortless
  • Life is a constant flow of energy
  • Problem’s don’t exist
  • What I see is the past and not the present


The next article in this Life Surfer series will build further upon this and will show you how perception is used to create your own Life.