I love doing dishes. Excuse me? Yes, you’ve read it well. I love doing the dishes. I have my own perspective, my own idea about doing the dishes and it gives me great pleasure to take care of it. This thought inspired me about writing a blog about loving what you do instead of doing what you love. Of course, doing what you love is ‘living the dream’. But there will always be tasks at hand that are not things that you love or that you want to do. Or maybe you are searching for that one ultimate thing that you can do for a living. It’s tough to search for one specific fish in an entire ocean. What if you changed your perspective and started loving what you are doing right now? This means that you can change your focus from ‘doing what you love’, into ‘loving what you do’. 

But how do you do that? Underneath you find a list I use myself to love the things that I do. Add any more below in the comments, as I am sure this will be very helpful for all those in search of finding their passion.

1) Seek purpose in what you do

The mother of all passions is purpose. If you are having an intention to do something, than that activity automatically makes sense. If something doesn’t make sense, why would you bother to invest your prescious time and energy in it? Having a goal doesn’t automatically mean that you will make it, but it will give you the energy to do it. And energy is what you and I love. It will ask for more, heightening the chance you will like the activity more with every attempt. Especially when the results are improving. 


2) See the bigger picture

This reason is strongly related to the first one. 

There’s the direct reason why something can be meaningful to you. That means you do something because you experience direct value from it. For example, you can play a game and really enjoy it, because well, you want to enjoy yourself and that game makes it happen.

There’s also the indirect reason why something can be meaningful. Most tasks that feel like an ‘obligation’ that falls into this category. Whenever experiencing this, it’s time to focus the attention to the bigger picture. Why is this task there anyway? It probably is part of a bigger whole that does make sense, even if this task itself doesn’t. Don’t loose track of your bigger goal(s) in life. These small subtasks might bring you there and when realizing that, they suddenly do have a reason for their existing and because of that, become meaningful.

3) Make it your own

When doing a task that has been explained in some way to you how to do it, it might not be very appealing to you. Everyone has its own approach and sometimes an approach is not really suited for you. This might take a lot of energy from you. Learn the basics and try to add a personal touch. Find out, experiment how you can do it when you had the chance to and go for it in your own way. Sometimes it’s better to do it your own way first, apologize if it doesn’t work out, then just sticking to someone else’s plan. 

4) Accept & enjoy feedback coming back to you 

Feedback is a very powerful energy that most people never tap into because they are too scared to be visible. Whenever you have put some energy into a task at hands, you will get a result. If you don’t show the result in this world, nobody will see it and can’t give any feedback on it. Scared of being judged or being given a negative feedback, you keep something to yourself. 

Learn how to deal with ‘negative’ feedback. This means that the result is not what people expected or what they do not experience as valuable. At least now you know and can adjust it into something that might fit others. Realizing this is already powerful enough to renew your energy and have a new go at it. 

Positive feedback is the strongest energy coming back to you. It’s a thousand times stronger than the energy that you have put in. Genuine positive feedback is pure love, which will lift you up and make you want to do it again and again. This is the beginning of a passion. This love from others will result into love from your own into the task or activity that you do.

5) Learn to listen to your emotions

Emotions are a guidance along the way. Whenever you feel something, don’t act upon it, but listen to it. What does the emotion tell you? If you feel like you are frustrated, then it’s probably because there might be another way (for you personally) that will be a lot easier. 

Be aware when you feel joy when doing something. If you are not aware of this while doing some things, then you cannot discover what passion is. Love is something what we all have, and it comes in many ways and forms. Be thoughtful about the way you feel love for some tasks. What gives you energy and what takes it away? Emotions will tell you clearly, but only if you are aware of them. Be totally honest with yourself and the path will automatically become clear. 

6) Don’t take things too seriously

Last but not least, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Remember that you have always a choice to do or not to do something. If something doesn’t suit you, walk away from it and try something new. Learn to experiment, to search for new adventures. Life is a play and will give you lots of positive vibes if you are ready for it. Learn to enjoy the process instead of looking for instant results. And do it with a smile.