Three years ago…

…. I had an unexplainable desire to learn how to surf. It was something that I definitely wanted to have done in my life. I wanted to feel the power of the water pushing me forward to the shore. I didn’t know where to learn this, but as always, life gives a helping hand when needed the most. 

I shared my surfing wish with Lars at some networking event for business. He told me his story of how he came into contact with surfing and where he had learned it. I was surprised when I heard that Bloemendaal aan Zee (The Netherlands) was the place to be. With some doubts and some hesitation that comes along with it, I booked a surfing camp at Surfana. A week of surfing vibes would be waiting for me and I looked forward to it. 


… I see what happened over there when looking back over my shoulder. I had amazing ride since then, still surfing the wave that has set so many things in motion and still carries me further. I achieved my goal to learn how to surf, I caught my very first wave there, although I must admit, that the Dutch waves are not the kind of ‘Mavericks’ one can find in other regions in the world. 

When life gives, be sure of the fact that life actually always gives you more than you expect. If it isn’t the case, then you might want to look harder or wait a little bit longer to see what the future holds in store. It will become clear if you give it some time to let it all sink in. I now see that I not only caught a physical wave, I caught a giant life wave as well. That kind of wave that we all want to catch: one that seems to go on forever, that brings you to places far beyond imagination. 

This life wave has brought me close to the woman with whom I want to share all of my experiences with. We live together, enjoying the same big wave together, while catching our own ones in between. I have also learned a lot about the surf culture, I have met many people with a free mindset, free of worries such as ‘what will happen next’, and letting life flow as it flows. I’ve learned about the different spirits of surfing, of which I strongly feel drawn to Soul Surfing. 

Life surfing

It has been a while since I’ve been surfing myself. Instead, I’ve been life surfing. I’ve been trying to surf the invisible stream of Life, of which the Waves are brought in motion by Love. I dedicate my free time to study nature, to think as nature does and trying to feel what stories Nature tells. In my quest I have encountered many perceptions, but one keeps coming back to me and I it’s time that I get it out of my system by writing it down. The next posts to come will be an attempt to get the perception of a true Life Surfer on paper and out of my mind.