When a Life Surfer knows his game plan, he’s ready to enjoy the action. A Life Surfer knows how to start a cycle of events and has faith in whatever comes next. He trusts his capacities and the circumstances enough to let go of fear and embraces the conditions that are set in order to get a maximum experience.


One wave at the time

Every surfer knows that there’s only wave that is so important that it requires and deserves all of one’s attention: the wave that is currently going on RIGHT NOW.

First of all, just as the surfer on the sea line is focusing all his attention onto the wave he’s surfing, so does a Life Surfer pay attention to the real life situation that he is in. Be with your thoughts somewhere else, and you will definitely not make the most of it. You won’t enjoy the wave to the fullest as you can’t appreciate it. Maybe the thoughts are already with the next wave to come, or still at the amazing wave that you had just a few minutes before. It doesn’t matter whatever it is, not being fully focused on what is going on, will downgrade the experience severely. 

Secondly, a surfer might notice that there are many good waves coming, one after the other, making it hard to choose one, being afraid of missing out on the next one, which might be even better… Not being capable of choosing is the same as being chosen. In the end, you will end up with what is left over because your choices have evaporated into thin air. 

Thirdly, being too impatient might kill the experience as well. Riding a wave, but deciding to jump off halfway because another wave is approaching, is cutting your current experience and feeling in half. Having a half ride is nothing compared with the full package that a wave has to offer. The beauty lies in the full ride, not just in the first half where your adrenaline might be taken over. Once the first (emotional) rush is gone, it’s hard for people to enjoy what’s coming behind. This next phase is a time to return gratitude to the wave by finishing it.

Fear and love

Take action and you will face some consequences. Go into the waters and experience for yourself what’s out there. Conditions change all the time, they are beyond your control and give you what you are or may not be consciously looking for. A Life Surfer handles whatever comes with graciousness and in a state of humbleness. Conditions have the power to make or break anything, including the Life Surfer. A well-trained Life Surfer knows and feels when conditions are too much for his skills or mindset right now, and will accept the situation by stepping back if necessary.

It’s not fear that a Life Surfer relies on, it’s love he’s looking at. When the love is not big enough to overcome the circumstances, it’s time to step back and sit this one out. A Life Surfer knows that conditions return when something needs to be learned, regardless of any timing. Having confidence about saying NO is just as important as saying yes with the heart, body and mind completely in it. 

Creating the experience, not the wave

Every wave is unique. Every wave has a potential to make you experience things that resonate within the depth of your being. Yet not every wave does resonate. There are many reasons for, the main one being expectations and behaviour that forces the wave into something it is not. 

A Life Surfer realizes that the wave is a means of support to get somewhere and to experience something. Just as a normal surfer can’t make the wave any bigger, faster or higher than it is, a Life Surfer realizes that the key of having experiences is allowing the wave to be whatever it wants to be and to use it in the proper way. A small wave cannot be barrelled, but it can give you an opportunity to learn a new trick. Recognizing opportunities without forcing the wave into a specific form is the master key for unlocking mindblowing experiences. 

Life is always a supporting factor, sometimes big, sometimes running in silent mode in the background, but ever present. A true Life Surfer knows and feels this every step of the way. The Life Surfer is responsible for the experiences he has, while Life provides an abundance of opportunities, every single second of the day. It’s up to the Life Surfer to choose, to follow up and to enjoy the whole process. 

No limits

There are no limits, except in the mind itself, created by the Life Surfer. Those limits have a reason for existence or they wouldn’t be there. Many limits origin out of a self-protection mechanism. That mechanism uses fear to warn the Life Surfer about stuff he thinks he is not ready for. Other limits might be physical ones and might form a barrier that can’t be crossed at first sight. Physical limits are waves we have not conquered yet and will remain until we find a solution to work around it or change our minds about the physical limitation and use it as a way to find new opportunities. 

While there are no limits to Life, our smaller lives and bodies do have limits in this reality, which means that there must come an ending to any experience that is going on. Letting go on the right time is an important characteristic of the Life Surfer. He knows when the desire has been satisfied. He knows when the mind, body and soul is full of it and ready to recharge for a new experience. Letting go of physical, mental and emotional sensations are critical for a making room for the next ones to come. A Life Surfer doesn’t hold on to something that is passed, instead he looks back on it with gratitude, knowing that he is ready for something more.