I used to have clearly numbered days, such as weekdays and weekends. I translated these into working days and free days.

I now have only one day: today.

Decide for yourself where, when and how you will work, and it will give you the biggest joy when you realize that you are doing it.

Starting up a business 7 years ago was, and still is, a quest for freedom. Sometimes I lose the freedom, getting caught up in the side effects of wanting the best, and only the best for myself, the client and everyone around me. Sometimes I find myself at the complete opposite side of it, feeling as if I take too much freedom, regardless of anyone.

I’ve come to realize that everything comes in waves, sometimes you get overwhelmed by the amounts of work, sometimes you almost drown in a flood of freedom. Life doesn’t cut a clear line in between ‘work and life’, it’s all the same.

What today brings is mostly a surprise, sometimes it’s more ‘work’ than ‘freedom’, but one thing is sure: it’s always a day to express myself or to just be myself. Change your work into something that is your own and see it as expressing yourself. Whenever you act – in work, sports, arts, cooking food, cleaning, … – it is all about expressing what’s in you.

The way you act, will reveal how you feel at that moment, showing your colours inside. Don’t let those be the colours that somebody else put in there, show yours. When life gives you a change to be yourself, enjoy it to the fullest. A break from acting is recharging the batteries to add the shininess to your colours once again.

Life doesn’t cut a line between work and play, neither should you.