Nikola Tesla was an expert on the matter of energy. He contemplated about how humans as a unity, could benefit if they had more energy. He wrote a little book in which he wrote down his thoughts, titled ‘the problem of increasing human energy’. 

It was a time before Einstein came up with his famous formula ‘E=MC²’, but in the book, Tesla already made the connection that energy equals mass that has a certain velocity (is moving). Based upon that, he concludes that there are 3 ways to increase human energy.

  1. Increase the energy source (E)
  2. Increase the mass (m)
  3. Increase the speed of the mass (c² in the formula of Einstein, but velocity “v” in Tesla’s formula)

This gives us a very good idea how we, a human individual, can also grow ourselves or anything that is an expression of ourselves. 

Increasing the energy source (E)

You are whatever you consider yourself to be defined by. For most of us, that means that we consider ourselves to be a mom, an athlete, an entrepreneur, an accountant, etc… Go back in time to the beginning of your ‘career’ as a parent, accountant, … I bet you felt not as much a parent as you are right now. Or vice versa. The degree of identity depends on how much you ‘feed’ yourself (body, mind and soul) with relevant information, movements, ideas, …   

When the source is no longer there that feeds the idea of us being someone, it might even totally vanish. Just as feeding our brains more of the source will increase the energy we feel about a certain idea. Whatever you focus on, grows. You have probably heard this before and this is how you increase the energy source, by focusing. 

So, in order to grow something, like a business, a skill, an idea, yourself, … you need to focus on it, it has to be on your mind as much as possible. Not in a worrying way, but in a light and pleasant way that makes you feel good. It’s the start of something and by focusing on it, you let it grow into a passion. Once the stage of passion has been reached, it can be grown into something bigger then yourself, where people are attracted to it and help it grow further by putting in their energies, increasing once more the energy it. As long as this happens, the subject will grow further, way beyond yourself, developing continously, even when you might not longer be around.

Increasing the energy is a matter in which time plays a crucial role. The more time you focus on something, the bigger the chances are that it will grow onto you first and then into something bigger then yourself. The energy source stands for opening up the door of creativity.

Increasing the mass (m)

A second way of growing something is increasing the mass or ‘the weight’ of something. This has nothing to do with putting in more focus, but all about putting in more (physical) work. When something increases in mass, it takes up more volume or space

When you are a parent and you are looking to increase the mass (maybe unconsciously), you might act as the caring mother in several situations that might not even ask it for, such as the work space. Or if you are an athlete, you might see every staircase as a challenge to go it up as fast as possible, or do some extra exercizes in your 5 minute break. 

Many businesses start with one product or service, and increase their mass by inventing or offering more services. Unfortunately enough, this can be a pitfall for the entrepreneur, where every opportunity noticed is translated into a new product or service, making the business owner lose control or focus over his growth, as it demands more time and space to make everything work. 

Increasing the mass might seem easy, but it’s a tricky thing. While it’s true that mass is actually potential energy, most mass created in these times are coming into this world as dead weight and still need a lot of external energy and time to catch momentum in order to speed up easily. Be careful using the method of increasing mass if you want to grow something. 

Increasing the velocity (v)

A third way to make anything grow, is to increase the component of velocity. When we think about velocity, the opposite word might give us a better understanding of the principle that is behind this. Speed is restricted by anything that gives friction. So increasing the velocity is making things more effective.

One of the easiest way of increasing the velocity is by taking away the things that give friction. A racing bike goes so much faster with the same input of energy as a normal bike, because it has thinner wheels, less weight, different position of the person on the bike, ect… Most speed improvements are made by taking away stuff that is not necessary to go forward. 

Another way of increasing velocity is taking another path. One of the nicest examples that you can find in your close environment is the so-called “desire-lines”. Why would you go from A to B over C if a direct path is the better choice? In a physical environment, it’s easy to create a newer and more efficient path. However, for businesses, it’s a mental exercize that takes actual some time and enery to focus on processing.

Know that processes are most likely children of their time. Certain software didn’t exist back then, or maybe it was just how things were done in that specific time. Deliberately taking time to write down and to contemplate about processes that exist in a company can slow you down for a bit in the present, but it will increase the velocity in the future, which will soon make up that ‘loss of time’.


Golden formula

While E=M.C² is famous for physics, it can be clearly used for other purposes as well. Try to figure out what button you are adjusting when doing something that matters. Are you:

  • Increasing energy = food
  • Increasing mass = (re)producing / work
  • Increasing velocity = optimizing = understanding and adjusting according to nature’s principles

Be aware of some of the pitfalls:

  • Increasing energy = increasing focus and time –> what important factors are you neglecting (family, friends, body, hobby, …)
  • Increasing mass = adding a certain structure –> are you producing something that improves your life or just the opposite?
  • Increasing velocity = improving by making efficient –> are you speeding up things by using the right (nature’s) principles or are you speeding up while depending more on (depleting) sources? 

Tesla refers to ‘peace’ when he talks about increasing velocity and I think he hit it spot on. Nowadays we speed up things artificially without thinking one single moment about peace. Having peace means that you act not from a selfish point of view, but of a universal view that takes all of Life’s beings and Nature in itself into its account.

There is a way to improve anything, not just by using Nature’s principles, but even more, by respecting Nature’s principles.