In these times of Corona, many people are geting painfully aware how fragile any given situation is. Maybe one month ago, the situation for tomorrow looked the same as that from yesterday. Today looks nothing like the yesterday from one month ago. It’s highly unstable and looking for a new equilibrium in order to give back a solid situation. But even that one, will change again. 

It might be that you are affected heavily or not by the impact of the corona virus. Entrepreneurs, business owners and directors have to find new ways to keep going, making sure that the employees are going to be paid.

A lot of people are changing the way they work, it might be because there’s no other way, or it might be because they see a way for a more flexible approach. However, the result we’re chasing is the same. We keep on working for the same purpose, in order to pay the bills. We chase the same in a different manner. 

Chasing the same

Something has led us in this situation. Who dares to ask the question ‘why’ is in for a painful inquery and might not make it all the way through. Yes, we are personnaly responsible for all this. It’s not just ‘them’ who have caused this crisis, as it is all of us together.

We allow others to make a profit without considering the impact it has on the environment, the people and all of Life in general. We keep buying stuff that is made for the wrong reasons and by doing that, keeping the ever narrowing cycle of destruction alive and growing. It’s time to think about some fundamental principles that our society relies on. 

What are we actually chasing? Most of us are chasing happiness, fulfillment, love. All the big values of life and there’s nothing wrong with looking for these. It’s however not beneficient for all of us, to look for those things and chase them in a way that is not natural. 

Why not natural?

By not natural I am saying that we are actually chasing that which needs to come to you instead. You can’t chase something as delicate as a butterfly. You need to create the environment in which the butterfly happily resides and even comes close to you as you are part of one harmonious whole.  

Why are we chasing?

Somehow we have gotten in a situation where we have to chase objectives, money, love, etc in order to keep going. We have been led in a financial web that sticks to us and determines all of our moves. This is what is happening with Corona at this moment. While the work landscape has drastically changed, the bills have changed the same. We still need to pay our house, our rent, education for the children, food, all of these are still there. 

If we look at the fixed, returning costs that is existing right now in your world, how much of it did you consciously choose? How much of the bills that are coming in were low at the beginning, but started to take a bigger piece out of your monthly budget? We are very prone to fall victim to something bigger and better (and thus paying more), but not being able to let go off when we actually don’t need it (anymore). Once a recurrent bill is there, it often doesn’t grow smaller and it often doesn’t disappear in the future.  

Change the cause of chasing

It’s not easy to let go off something, especially when it hurts our pride. Though, this corona crisis is an invitation and a chance to do something different and to become free of all the worries and chasing that caused this crisis in the first place. By not having to do anything but to enjoy life, not only your world will change, but also the world we all share together. 

If you can manage to come by with less, you will receive so much more. It will be paid directly in happiness, love and who knows even money that you can spent on helping others achieve the same. When we stop listening to our articially installed feelings, cravings, wants and needs that our not helping us, but simply exist because they keep us in a strong (financial) hold, a new world of choices opens up. One which will allow to learn new things, new ways of doing something, with more efficiency and with more joy. With Nature instead of against her. 

It’s time to step up and see for yourself that this life is maybe not what you wanted. If we keep chasing the same in a different way, we will get the same, a world where viruses and other threats are making the laws of restricted movement. Nothing in Nature is standing still, no movement means death. 

I for one, want to live in a world where movement is allowed, in a green and natural healing environment. Where all beings live in a fragile but powerful equilibrium, and nothing needs to be chased. If you want to help me, than please start taking care of your own freedom. Get rid of bills that are not supporting you, but are keeping your movement in a tight structure. Not only I, but the world and nature too, will thank you for it.