This article is one about the different layers that freedom contains so that you can work on one (or more) layers at the time in order to gain more freedom for your future self. 

Freedom is mobility

Let’s start with the most obvious layer of freedom: the physical one. Someone asks you to go somewhere and either you can or cannot go there. The physical layer is straightforward. You either have the physical means (legs, wheelchair, any transport device, …) to go to that destination or you don’t. Some people have the ability to go to the top of the Mount Everest, while others don’t, because of physical limitations. 

Most people are very much aware of this physical boundary. Our monotonous eating patterns and limited moving patterns have shaped the body from a lean instrument into a somewhat overweighted and unflexible one. While many still dream from bigger or smaller adventures, most are stopped in their quest of following their dreams right here. It’s just not possible in the current shape of the body. 

Freedom is not the choice of landscape, the landscape is what you get. Your freedom on this physical level is how you move within and throughout that given landscape. You can be stuck in a prison cell and be very limited in movement, but you can still decide which moving pattern you will follow. You can choose to sit down and take the time to write, to exercize, to think about life or you can even decide to do nothing at all. 

Freedom is choice

What we don’t always realize is, that circumstances can be created or changed at will. We all know stories (and Youtube is full of it) of people who did the unimaginable. Those are people that weren’t stopped in their journey because of physical situations. They felt that at least they had the choice to go for it and make some changes. 

Choice is a necessary item in the quest for freedom. Choice is one step beyond the physical circumstances and allows us to either overcome or to change them. Creating a choice is easy, there is always the possibility of creating any choice right here, right now. I repeat and I emphasize: there is always the possibility to create the choice in the present moment. The reason for this, is that a choice is not physical, it’s created out of nothing. And nothing is all you need to create a choice.

Right now, you have the choice to read further or to stop reading. Just like that, with a snap of the fingers, you’ve created this choice. There’s an infinite number of choices that you can create right here, right now. The biggest problem is that we create choices that are not related with the available circumstances right here and right now. We create choices for in the future, what I like to call ‘What if…- choices’. We are stuck at work, in our office and think of what we could be doing instead of working while the weather is so nice. Those are choices created from non-existing or not relevant circumstances. However, they do show you what could be possible if you would create choices that would push you in that direction. So instead you could create a choice in that very office moment to decide to go for a walk and see what happens to give you an idea what kind of impact that would make.

It’s easy to overlook the choices that were behind a current situation. We compare with one another all the time and think the other one has more choices to him or her available because they have more time, more money, more energy, more freedom, etc. That is not what we should be looking at, we all have those options available to us if we work towards it, but we are chained by our own thinking patterns that block our imagination and the skill to create the choices that matter and have the potential to change our lives.

Freedom involves seeking out which choices allow your future self to experience more freedom then before. 

Freedom is a state of being

Another level of freedom is how you execute something. Are you free from external influences, from external pressure that molds your actions into a certain preferred pattern? When you get an assignment, are you able to execute that in your own special way, or do you have to follow a strict protocol? We’re educated from a very young age on to follow a standard procedure. We get to learn a set of rules in school, how to behave and even how to think, limiting our imagination in the process of growing up, until we no longer have the power over ourselves to create choices that will have an impact. 

The biggest chain on our ankles to interact in our own authentic way is fear. Fear of what people will think about us if we don’t follow the normal road and try to do things in a different way. Fear of what the boss may say, what friends and familiy may say. We are even afraid of being successful as even that might not be accepted by some of our closest relations. Fear is a state of being, and is just one of many states of being that we can be in.

We can be energetically very different at one moment in time compared to another. We can feel excited or anxious about doing something new, or we can be totally relaxed. Whatever mood you are in, your internal energy will have an impact on the outcome. If you don’t control your own energy, and yes, you can choose the state of being that you want to be in before executing any tasks, it’s a skill that can be learned, then chances are that you will be inconsistent over a longer period of time. Sometimes delivering a tremendous result, sometimes just a poor decoction of what you’re truly capable of. 

Freedom is yours

Now, let me drop this bomb right now. Freedom is yours and can’t be taken away.

They, whoever they might be, can influence the physical conditions that you’re in. They can try to influence your imagination, limiting your creative power to create choices and how you move in those specific circumstances. They can try to install a certain energy state, a state of being so that you would experience success, failure, anxiety, fear, anything…

But know this: any landscape, any type of body that you find yourself in, is capable of experiencing freedom, no matter what. 

When you’re physically tampered in any way, then it’s your job, no let me rephrase that, it’s your purpose to find a way of dealing with it. It involves accepting who you are and where you are right now. From that moment that you have accepted that, you can start on the journey towards freedom. 

It’s not about what you can’t do, you need to refocus and see what you can do and start from there. Create choices that will allow your future self to experience even more freedom. Get to know yourself, go within and study the energy that resides within you and that is perhaps influenced by external influences. Learn to master your own inner state of being, install trust and calmness in yourself. Learn what it means to feel your emotions, they will be your guidance towards freedom. Change your perceptions, so that you experience the energy change within you and know that you’re capable of controlling how you feel. 

It’s well within your power to decide how you feel, how you think and how you perceive the world. Create that landscape within, experience that you can do this. The external world will follow eventually.