Emotions and business often don’t form a good marriage. You, as well as your business, should be highly sensitive to emotions. Not to react on them, but to use those emotions as signs where to go to.

Intuition, you’re missing something

Intuition is not the same as emotions. Intuition will give you a ‘gut feeling’ if something is the right way to go or just the opposite. Learning to get to know and trust your intuition takes time and effort, but it’s an effort that really pays of once you can master it.

A gut feeling can be really strong, making you very aware of the choice(s), decision(s) or action(s) that you are about to make. It doesn’t automatically mean that you shouldn’t do something or make that specific choice. Often, it’s a warning that there is something that you are missing: you are overlooking some facts, or you are ignoring something that should be taken into account before proceeding.

Your intuition is a sign that says proceed with caution, there will be something ahead that might take you by surprise. And often, this won’t be a pleasant outcome. That’s why you would automatically assume your gut feeling is a signal for you to change direction. But of course, when doing so you don’t discover the blind spot that was waiting for you to be seen. It will need to happen in another moment in another form.

Vice versa, a gut feeling can be something positive as well. You know you must be at a certain place, even though you don’t want to or have some other things on your mind right now. If the feeling is strong enough, it will make you decide to go for it and you will be glad afterwards. It’s like that feeling before a run when you don’t want to go, but your whole system urges you to go. Eventually you did decide to go for it and it was your best run ever.

Emotions, you’re aware of something

In the same way that a gut feeling is trying to tell you something, so does an emotion. Here, an emotion is not meant to make you aware of something that you are missing, instead emotions are there to say that you are indeed aware of something specific. That’s exactly the reason why you are feeling an emotion. If you would not have noticed that specific thing, it wouldn’t have given you any emotion(s).

Emotions are a very powerful means to an end in order to make us do something. Unfortunately, in our society, emotions are used indeed for that. It’s easy to give someone emotions of a certain kind so that he or she is ready to act in the way that we want him or her it to when presented with a choice. Start a sentence with ‘imagine that…’ and you will see what an impact it can have on the feelings of someone who hears your message. Once the emotions are in our system, the body is charged with a certain energy, a vibe. 

Storytelling is a great way to get someone’s attention. The imagination will hook someone into the emotional world that you created. You take them on a rollercoaster of feelings, bad ones to make them see that they are in desperate need of something and then good ones to see that you have the solution for their bad feelings. Give them the right offer and get them in as a customer. Easy peasy. And it works if that customer is not actually aware that he or she is being influenced. The game changes when you learn to investigate emotions first before (immediately) acting upon them.

The true powers of emotions

Emotions are energies, making you in a state of action (or the opposite, in a state of non-action). Emotions are also very futile, meaning that they can go away as fast as they have come at you. Emotions are dependent on your attention. If your attention goes from one thing to another, so will your emotions change as well. If an emotion is strong enough, causing enough energy inside, then you will adapt your behaviour to it, making you say something, do something or just make you in a certain state of being. 

Emotions is something that is truly powerful when being used at the right moment in the right environment. If you can recall a trigger that gives you a tremendous amount of energy when you need it the most, then you can use emotions as a limitless source of energy. Be aware though, that you might exhaust your body if you overuse certain emotions and act without listening to your body. It’s easy to neglect your body when you are in a certain emotional state. That (partly) explains why some athletes can go on beyond ‘normal human boundaries’. 

Emotions have another significant function besides giving you access to certain levels of (infinite) energy. Emotions are also guiding to show you the way to go when you must make a choice, a decision or an action. Emotions fall roughly into two categories: pain and pleasure. When an emotion gives you a rather painful experience, then your natural reaction would be to avoid those in the future. Vice versa, positive ones will invite you to seek more of it. 

Being aware of your emotions is crucial, but without knowing what triggered the emotion(s) they are worthless and will cause you more trouble than anything else. If you know the trigger of the emotion, you can start working with it by asking some questions about it:

  • Why do I feel this way? (positive or negative)
  • What does it mean to me? 
  • How can I use this information in the future?


A sensitive business

A sensitive business doesn’t mean that you make emotional decisions. In fact, you don’t. It means that you feel every emotion razor sharp, but you do not immediately act upon it. Instead you investigate where the emotion is coming from, what it means for you(r business) and what the consequent actions could be before really going into action modus with the right energy for that specific situation.

If you notice that an emotion is not from you, but given deliberately by somebody else, say somebody who wants to sell you something, you can first decide if your feeling of wanting is genuine or fake. If you feel attracted by something, try to see if ‘the want’ is also a ‘need’ for your business. Too many businesses buy stuff (under the disguise of a need, but in reality, it is just a want) that are not necessary and do not improve the business in any way or shouldn’t be bought at the stage that the company is in. 


Finetune your intuition by proceeding with caution, knowing that there’s something out there that you don’t see that would benefit you if you could see it. Don’t forget that sometimes your intuition might just say to leave something behind in a very strong way, if this is the case, then do so. Only when you are not 100% sure what your intuition is trying to say, I would advise to continue, but with heightened awareness. There’s something to learn here and in doing so, you will improve your intuition, creating more trust in it in the future. 

Learn more about your emotions, which emotions gives you what kind of energy. What triggers it? A simple thought about a trigger can give you that energy when you need it. Examine if the emotion is something that comes from yourself or if it has been put in you by somebody else. Knowing this can help you to see when the right moment to act is there. 

Learn about influence. Learn how marketeers use certain emotional triggers that make you unconsciously crave certain things. If you know the tricks yourself, you will be less vulnerable to fall into the traps of making choices that do not suit you or your business. 

Last but not least, the emotional world is a rollercoaster, enjoy the emotions that you feel, also the ones that are not so pleasant. They are there for a reason, they want to make something clear to you. Listen to it, get it and the next time, that same emotion will make you smile because you know what it means.