If you have read the previous articles, then you know that some parts of life cannot be controlled by human effort (these are the lighter coloured parts of the yellow ‘Structure’ section). In the physical world you cannot control what you will experience in a certain moment in time and space. The vision that has brought you there, is beyond human efforts as well. The big advantage that comes with that is that you are always in the right place at the right time, despite you thinking the opposite.

Does that mean that you have to let down your guard and just accept everything the way it is and leave it at that? Obviously no, because you exist for a reason and you do have a purpose to fulfil. It’s not a solution to sit at the side-line and become apathic about the world and all of its synchronised events that are at play all the time.

 Dealing with the things that are not in your human control is a learning process. It’s a process of observation which will lead to understanding the environment. It’s looking around you and seeing what it does with you. Some of us will automatically do something when they see a slow animal trying to cross a busy street. Many, maybe all of us, will try not to walk further when we’re at the edge of an abyss. Understanding your reactions to what you see, feel, hear, taste and touch will give you a good idea what you are looking for. The golden rule to start with this is: you want to experience more of positive things and less of negatives ones. Starting with this will teach you to say NO to experiences that you don’t want.

As a side effect, and nature always works indirectly, you will sharpen your sixth sense. You will become (hyper)sensitive to signs and feelings inside you, tipping the decision scale to the positive or negative side ever more clearly. You will know for sure which decision to make in order to make your future self as happy as possible. So by becoming aware of the future implications of a decision you make now, you will shape a better and more beautiful environment for yourself. By helping yourself first you are actually creating a better world for the others.

What are the consequences of all this? Think about it, when you create a nice environment for yourself, you will start to love getting up in the morning, knowing that your day is a precious gift you have shaped by yesterday’s actions. The moment you discover LOVE in a non-physical matter, you are opening the gate to the spiritual side of your human being. This is where the uncontrollable becomes your personal ally. It will talk to you in signs and symbols and you will understand what they mean.

The physical spirit

The green coloured part of above picture is the spiritual equivalent of the physical world that we all experience. It’s made up of two important components. Every object that you see, feel, hear, touch or taste has its own rhythm and its own frequency. Learning to see these two behind the veil of physical matter, will show you if your rhythm matches that of your own. As an athlete you might set a world record, but if the pace is dictated by an external force that you cannot control, it might not be the right timing and you might want to switch your intention (and thus your plan as well) onto something else.  

In the above picture, a light-coloured part and a darker coloured part show. This time, the light-coloured part is how the uncontrollable should be experienced, whereas the darker coloured part is how we, as human beings, mostly experience the uncontrollable.


As human beings, we experience only a small part of the full spectrum. We hardly ever think about the fact that the full spectrum is always reflected in a smaller part. When it rains, the sun doesn’t shine, so the experience of the sun shining can be found in the rain, yet we don’t it. We only see one way and hardly one of the other millions of ways hidden in that small part.


Whereas the rhythm is the overall pace setting the tone for each and every part that is included. The frequency can be seen as the individual pace of every part itself. Just like with an orchestra, there is an overall pace guiding all the instruments. Each instrument has its own pace and sound. But when all these instruments follow their own pace without taking the general rhythm into account, disharmony will be the result.

A trained expert, such as composer, will hear the smallest of ‘mistakes’, unbalanced with the rest of the pack and will try to get the musician back into line with the rest. And this is what we are all meant to be. We all have one (or more) gifts to bring back balance where disbalance might upset the whole. You are a composer in a certain field. It might be that you have already found your field, where you as a composer are shaping the world into a more harmonious whole. Or you are still searching for it. Trust the uncontrollable, start with shaping your own environment by saying NO to the –  and saying yes to the +. The minute you start to take that, you are the composer of your life. Once you are that composer, life will show you where you can create harmony and bring a dynamic balance to this beautiful world.