As humans, we are almost constantly caught in our mental world, mostly without us realizing it. Thoughts are racing through our head, some of them make sense, others absolutely are not. Say yourself, why does it pop up that you need to do the laundry while being in the office trying to solve a logistical issue?

Thoughts are there to make the bridge between visions and the realisations of them in the physical world. We realize some idea or vision by intentionally acting and making changes in our environment. Unfortunately, as a human being, your thoughts are mostly not used for this purpose. Thoughts can be installed into your mind, rather than actively coming up with thoughts of your own. But because these thoughts are within your head, you consider them to be yours and you act upon them when possible. This results in actions that benefit others and their ideas and not yours. I do not want to explain here how to control your thoughts and come up with your own creative thoughts and solutions to go from here to there. This is explained here.

The unforeseen

In this article I want to explain how to deal with the uncontrollable aspects of the mental world, which is the road itself, leading from here to there and the outcome of a certain road you took, call it a destination. These parts are represented by the lighter coloured parts in blue in above picture. These are two things that most people think they can control, but this is an illusion. Yes, you get to choose which road you take, but you cannot foresee or control what will happen on that road. It might well be that a construction site has been put up, minutes before you arrive over there. Sorry pal, you will need to take another road.

The same counts for the result. The result is an outcome depending not only on your actions alone, it is also dependent on the environment itself. How is the situation at the very moment when you are trying to obtain your perfect result?  You might expect a mass coming to your environment, but a snowstorm or even a Covid virus might stand in the way to achieving this.

The road

Now, how do you deal with this? First, you try not to hold on to your expectations, which are nothing more than illusions. It means that whatever comes your way while being on the road, you deal with it with love understanding that it does not make sense to be upset.

You need to change your mindset for this to happen, look at things from a different angle. A roadblock isn’t a personal attack, it means different possibilities and thus opportunities. It’s the simplest way of expanding your world. In previous article, I’ve stated that you are always on the right place at the right time, so when something unforeseen comes up that forces you to change direction, you are actually being guided by something that is bigger than yourself.

The circumstances speak in symbolic language that most of us have forgotten to understand or to even listen to. Circumstances, or Life as I call it, is pushing you and me to explore and go beyond our comfort zone while trying to realize our personal objectives. Knowing and understanding this life principle transforms frustration into acceptance and curiosity. What does Life have in store for you? Go and check it out, experience that no yesterday is not the same as tomorrow.

The result

The second part of the uncontrollable is the result. Dealing with this can be quite challenging if you are giving it all your best efforts with nothing to show for. Progress is a funny thing; we mostly take it for granted or don’t even see it when looking at the result itself. But know that every time you repeat a certain movement or action in a conscious way, you become more skilled at it. Eventually, the progress will show. However, it’s a long way if you keep repeating the same movement without making adjustments every now and then. It’s crazy to expect a different result while doing the same over and over again as we by now all know.

To change something for the best, we need to rely on a keen observation. The power of observation gives us a clue where to makes changes when we relate this to our intention. When you want to become a better athlete, you might not only look at improving your condition, but also technique and even food patterns might come up as things to change, especially when you started running because you wanted to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Observing the result is one thing, but you also need to keep an eye on your intention. All too often, we lose sight of this intention and by that also our motivation. The mental world is where motivation is being constructed. If you make changes related to your intention, it will show in your actions and consequently also in your result. You might stop at a certain moment and wonder why you as an athlete are chasing records times, when you only started running because you wanted to have fun.


Follow your heart…

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The mental world is ruled not by our brains, but by wisdom situated in our hearts. It’s where intention, knowledge and guidance are coming together to help pursuit and realize your dreams. This is the green area in the above picture. Understanding this helps us dealing with the uncontrollable things in the mental world. The darker green parts reflect how we experience the mental world as humans, the lighter coloured parts are how we can expand our minds by following our hearts. This is the place where reason is replaced by purpose. Where desires are linked to signs and dreams that we consciously see. It’s where you experience synchronicity while calling it luck.

Experiencing the mental world in a human way, is limiting your possibilities, reducing it to a game of luck where choices are artificially made up instead of encountering a wide range of possibilities. Following the heart is to open your mind, having trust and believe in the outcome and the circumstances guiding you. They will talk in symbolic language that you will soon pick up and learn. It’s your native intelligence speaking directly to you, leading you onto an extraordinary journey, full of imagination and amazing outcomes.