There’s something magical about the present. It’s when you are working with the past, the physical world as we know it, and at the same time we are shaping the future with our actions. We transform the past into the future by being and acting in the present. 

The emotional world is the one of listening, talking, processing and synthesizing. It’s where the external world meets our inner world and where these two form a connection. That connection is always there and is in a very fluent equilibrium. When the two worlds are aligned with one another, harmony is created, just as the opposite, chaos is created when different vibrations try to outmatch each other.

In previous article you can read how to control this world of inter-actions. The emotional world is where networks are formed, by actions and words. It’s where emotions are expressed in deliberate movements or language. It’s the bridge between the physical world and the higher situated mental world, where ideas and thoughts result into the corresponding inter-actions to realize those.

To control inter-actions is to know how to listen and how to read the environment without judging or jumping to conclusions. You need to know how to blend in with the environment so that you become part of it. Compare it like you going to a dress-up party, even though you might find it really awkward to dress up, you would find it even more awkward to find out at the party that you are the only one who didn’t dress up. You no longer blend it, and people do not connect with you because of that. 

Now, sometimes you come into an environment where you will feel out of tone, like you were dropped on a completely different planet. You feel like you are (way out) of your comfort zone and probably don’t know how to behave. 


Out of the comfort zone is where actual growth takes place. Every one knows that, but very few actually embrace this zone and really want to be here. The emotional world is one of understanding and having respect for whatever is inside and outside of you. When you don’t know how to act or what to say, it’s good to start to try getting a feeling for the environment. 

Wherever you are, there is always a spot that will attract you more than another place. Who doesn’t like dancing in the spotlight, will find a place at the outside of the dancefloor. Bit by bit, you can work your way up until the confidence takes over and takes you right where you actually want and need to be. 

As a human being, growth situations are often seen as threats, making us switch to survival mode instead of evolution mode. Survival mode means that you either ‘fight or flight’. In both cases you are the one trying to force things. Evolution mode is where you try to learn, to understand the situation and improve yourself so that you blend in harmoniously with the environment. When you master that, the environment will give you back the confidence and will trust you with taking care of that space. 

This is comparable with the growing of a young tree. It needs to find its place into the given environment. It’s the environmental circumstances that will decide if this tree stands a chance to grow big or not. When it does, the tree will have a mutual understanding with the environment and will shape it as it has become one of the biggest influencers of that environment. It takes up water from deep down and gives part of it back to the neighbours who can’t reach that deep. 

Understanding that growth is a spiral and not a straight line is part of the process. A learning curve is a slow start, building up confidence, knowledge and understanding. It’s picking up a feeling for the rhythm of the environment and slowly but steadily matching it. When you grow further, you will have earned the respect and will be asked for taking responsibility as your shoulder will be strong enough to carry it. 

Understanding Life

As a human being it’s difficult to see two things at the same time. It’s a delicate thing and requires 100% focus with your whole being to pay attention to the world inside you AND outside you. We experience Life as something good or bad, as full or empty. We hardly ever experience it as both at the same time. Nature’s way is good AND bad, is full AND empty at the same time. It’s all one and the same and exists out of ‘nothing’. 

Life creates abundance everywhere, there is no such thing as an empty space, as Life fills up everything, even a single void that you might think to create. If you create a vacuum in any world you can imagine, than Life will fill it up, immediately. It’s just difficult to see and to accept for us that this is truely the case. 

We are moving in a moving see of energy. Just like a drop of water is constantly being moved in a bigger collection of water. It’s never at a standstill. Understanding Life means enlightment. It means that you have the capacity to shine your light on any matter in order to come to an understanding. It only takes the will, time, energy and attention to focus on it so deeply that you become whatever it is that you focus. Being it is experiencing it is understanding it. It means truth for you that you share with that part of the world that just has opened to you. 

The true goal of this all is to create in harmony as the environment will show you your personal why. Creating means expressing yourself in any way. Create something physical and it will show you who you are at the moment of creation. Acceptance and honest observation will open the doors to the next level.