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Fish bone

For when you…

Need to stimulate your creative brain

Curiosity is a crucial skill for cultivating creativity since being curious will open your mind to new observations and insights you’d have otherwise missed.

In this short class, you’ll learn to integrate observation through curiosity into your life everyday, unlocking innovative ideas and adventure. With 5 key exercises, you’ll deconstruct perceptions and discover the story behind an everyday thing that usually goes unnoticed.

Tough decisions

For when you…

Doubt how to price your work

This nagging question is one of the constants that eats at us and we never know what the right answer is.

This class will provide a simple guide through multiple scenarios and topics on pricing your work, whether you’re just beginning, have been at it for a while, or if you’re a professional designer. 

Fight uphill battle

For when you…

Want to become better at negotiating

Negotiation is an important skill for us freelancers. We need to master the skill of communication and negotiating is one important aspect of that field.

I’ve selected this course because we all need to negotiate at a certain point sometimes, even with friends or family. It’s a skill that enhances life greatly on all field when properly studied.

Fight uphill battle

For when you…

Are lost in your own agenda

How do you plan your freelance work, and equally important, how do you plan your leisure and personal activities? 

In this online course, you can learn how timeblocking works and why that is so helpful when freelancing. I picked this course especially because of lesson 3 (time blocking) and lesson 7 (plan your week). 

groene golfjes

Designed for you

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Learn to learn…

and achieve anything you aim for. Learning is just another word for growing, and if you develop your learning muscles, you will be able to pick up new things faster and faster.

Mostly we think of learning to be difficult and tedious work, but it doesn’t have to be like this.
Learning can be effortless. 

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Hourly rate or
project fee

How do you decide to go for one or the other or maybe even a combination of the two?

This course reveals the 3 most important pieces of the puzzle and how to fit them together to choose hourly rate or a project fee for your freelance work.

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