The emotional world is the bridge between the physical world and the mental world. Yes, emotions are caused by the mental world, but there is another factor that plays a crucial role, namely motivation. Motivation is caused by the physical world. So even though I refer to this part as the emotional world, it’s more than that, hence the name Network is a more appropriate name as it also refers to the building the bridge between these two worlds.

Here too, just like in the other two worlds, there are parts well within your control as a human being, and some other things that our beyond your control. Networking is a two-way street, where interaction occurs. A human being is capable of consciously inter-acting so that a result measurable or noticeable in the physical world follows.

Interacting or communication, as most people know and what we all have been taught in school, consists out of two parts. There is a verbal and a non-verbal part. Things you say and things you do. Now, for the main question, which part of those can you control?

The verbal communication = the world of motivation

Verbal communication creates a world that exists only in your mind. It’s unique and it speaks to you from an authentic point of view. A book/movie/poem might get you motivated to get into a new habit such as a hobby or a profession. Motivation is a trigger to start building a mental world which will give you the energy needed to act.

The road that leads to act can however be a long one. Maybe you know someone in your close range that has been talking for seemingly forever about quitting that lousy job, or starting his or her own business, but for so far hasn’t been acting on it. We use verbal communication in order to express our reasons, our motivations to create choices and to make certain decisions. But talking isn’t the same as acting.

Verbal communication consists again out of two parts, one which isn’t under your control, while the other is. There is the sub world of talking and a sub world of listening. As frustrating and maybe as surprising as it may seem, words are beyond the control of human beings. Talking is something that you do and of which you might think that you consciously choose the words, but words are given to you by circumstances, by (self-)education, by your environment, which you don’t control. Some countries/tribes/regions don’t have words while other parts of the world have dozens of synonyms for that one.

Also, think about where those words are coming from. Do you manually craft and create each word, or do you use words that have been given to you on the spot? While talking do you notice the origin of the words, like a closet where you manually pick them from? Why do you choose that word and not another one? Did you really wanted to say that or did some words just slipped out of your mouth?

The one part of verbal communication that you do control is the listening part. If you are at the receiving end of a conversation, then you can open up completely and listen consciously to every word that is being used. While we all have the habit to interpret words in our own framework, it might not match the meaning that was intentionally meant by the one who used the word. Just as with a picture, you need the context of the bigger picture in order to understand truly what is being meant and being said.

True listening involves getting rid of your own judgements, your own inner world and allowing yourself to feel into the world and framework of the other person. Listening in an objective way allows you to notice if a person who speaks uses a lot of negative words, a lot of loving words, … It will magically create a world of wonder where you will be drawn into. It’s a world full of energy and it will make you feel how it is in that world. Those feelings are transmitted from one person to another and they are not entirely yours, but for the greatest part coming from the other. This is how empathy works and how you can read a state of mind, a state of physical being of the other person while they are living in that world almost constantly.

Non-verbal communication = the world of acting

This part of communication is where the true magic happens. It’s the world of doing stuff, taking actions and making things happen. It’s the direct door that leads to physical results and just as with verbal communication, there are two components that are part of it. The first part is the physical component of taking action. The second part is the equivalent of what listening is to the verbal world, it’s processing what is happening at the moment. It’s taking in all the components when the acting is happening on the spot.

When you are processing, you have the control of HOW you process things. Unfortunately, we are conditioned to process stuff in a way that has been installed into us, just as thoughts that have been installed in the mind. It takes an expert eye to see a seemingly small but crucial detail that influences the overall result.

When most of us are acting, we neglect or forget to pay attention to the way how we feel at the very instant we are doing something. When you know how you feel, how much focus you have on the moment itself, you will know and understand why something worked out or why something didn’t work out. Painting the front door with or without focus makes a big impact on the end result. Maybe you have chosen the colour of the paint on a moment when you felt excited and now you are wondering why the door seems a little bit to sparkling in comparison with the surrounding wall.

Processing is having 100% attention to what is happening inside you AND outside you. It’s making the connection while being actively involved into whatever is going at that moment. You can control how you would like to process something. You know how to feel sad or how to feel extremely joyful. You can consciously choose the way you look at something, the way how you feel at any moment. Just as with thoughts, it requires practice and training to focus on what’s going inside you, to notice it and to change it if necessary. When you are aiming for a world record, then you need to be able to close yourself of from any distractions and be 100% focused onto your activity. Your state of being has a direct impact on the acting and therefore also on the end result.



Networking is nothing more than communication. Communication is building a bridge between your mind (the mental world) and your physical world. You do that by learning how to consciously listen and how to consciously process whatever is going on. Networking happens in the moment, in the present world. Listen to the words that you talk and process the actions and decisions that you make. Learning this is opening the portal to understanding why you are here. To finally see which bridge you are helping to build.