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Human marketing & sales

Human marketing & sales

A while ago, I wrote an article about the influence of perception. When you talk about influence and you connect this to a business landscape, you soon arrive at marketing and sales. I would like to show how different types of marketing and selling exist. What is...

Why do you stop growing?

Why do you stop growing?

No matter how long you are or have been an entrepreneur, you will always get confronted with some sort of problem that needs to be fixed. One of the most common problems that a business might and will encounter at some point in time is being stuck: there are not...

How to start your own business


You want to take life in your own hands by starting your own business. You want to express what is inside you. But… you haven’t got any experience for starting up a business or don’t know where to look?

Search no more!

Find everything you need to know to have a strong foundation for your business. Be fully prepared and grow your confidence so you can take that leap!