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Discover passion as a key to live life to the fullest

Passion is a state of being (yourself)

Ever been around someone who lacks passion? That person that sees things in a very special way so that even the nicest moments turn into a dark hole absorbing all light out of it. You probably know what I mean.  Well, that was me some time ago. And maybe you might not be in an extreme state that I was in, but you might experience something alike. 

It’s a place where feelings are getting numb, thoughts turning more negative with every spin they take in your head. It’s a moment where you lack any kind of enthousiasm to start something new or to be engaged in.

It’s not a pleasant place to be in neither is it to see someone stuck in there. You try to help, but nothing seems to work. It might even make things worse… But is there nothing that can be done to turn things around? 

There is. You can be yourself. We don’t really help others by saying what they have to do in order to make things better. They can only be helped when they are actually asking for it. By being yourself and enjoying life, you make the dark cloud realize that there must be a way to experience this as well. And that’s when the wheels start turning. Slow at first, but ever going faster. 

Passion is a journey

Being passionate is not something you achieve from one day to another, although there are ways to do this (and it happens). People become passionate after a near-death experience, or when somebody closely related disappears. But you don’t need to wait for such things to happen to you before you can decide to become passionate again and feel the love of life flowing through every vein and fibre of your body. 

Even though passion is a state of being, the journey starts with being passionate about something, before you turn into ‘being passionate’. As you are searching for a passionate life, you can start by looking for something that completely suits you and that you can use to express yourself. 

Passion is a flow that you create which will give you more and more energy. It will fill you up with love and light that you will radiate in all directions in your environment. You will start to attract likeminded people who resonate with your level of energy. By that, your own world will be enriched with people who support you and who give you more energy. In the end, feeling a passionate love will be the default state of being that you have and that you are. This state of being will remind you of the state of being that children are in before society took over.  

Passion is focused attention

The solution to become passionate is utterly simple. It’s a recipe that consists of two main ingredients. The first one is knowing what matters to you and the second one is focusing your attention on those important things.  

Imagine what an amazing life you can create by saying YES to the things that suit you and that belong to you. Imagine what it would feel like to create a life that matches your desires and not those that were artificially created by society.

You can make the choice to start living your life. it doesn’t mean that you have to stop doing everything and make some drastical changes all at once.

You can start your journey right where you are now and take it from there. Start by focusing your attention more on the things that you like and you will softly introduce the changes that will create your amazing life in an almost effortless way.

Be surprised by your own possibilities and give yourself the chance to become a passionate being. All the time…


Passion is attracting others

You are not alone in this. The journey is a personal experience, but it doesn’t mean that you are alone in this. It’s my passion to help you create your passion. You always have the choice to do it your way, and know that I am right there in case you need the right guidance along the way.

I’ve created an online course in the form of a traject that will help you on your way. It will give you the knowledge and understanding that you need to have to start creating your passion. It will inspire you to dream, to go out there and realize those dreams. Build confidence, trust in life and achieve your goals.


Up to you now – create your passion 

It’s not about finding a passion. It’s about creating one and discovering that you are a truly passionate and inspiring person. 

Give yourself a chance to discover this amazing source of energy that you have in you. Start by creating a passion and you will naturally change into that wonderful passionate person that you alreayd are.

Listen here to the first episode of the free audio book that will help you create a passion. If you like it, feel free to press underneath button to access the entire online course. 

Create your passion

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