Passion for learning

Here at Extra Paar Handen, we care about growing through learning. Having your own business, as a freelancer or being an entrepreneur offers an excellent lifestyle to grow yourself and make this world a better place. 

It’s my mission to show an alternative way of living, where the rat race is replaced by conscious living, becoming authentic and enjoying an extraordinary life.


Individual Online Learning

A careful selection of courses, based upon my own experiences. 

There’s not a single course here that I haven’t followed myself, or was involved creating it. I put all my courses on Skillshare as I don’t believe that things have to be difficult. By enrolling in a yearly membership at Skillshare, you not only get access to all of my courses, but to thousands of other ones as well. Watching any course on Skillshare is paying that teacher who has put in the effort to make it. An honest deal for teacher and student! That’s why I am a big fan and will continue to put all of my courses on that platform. 

Online workshops

Small workshops that tackle a specific topic for freelancers or entrepreneurs

These online workshops are always at democratic prices and are limited to a very small audience. 5 participants get the chance to work on a topic (business pitch, business model, marketing,…) while being guided by an experienced instructor. very interactive, and because of the format, with a high impact!

1 on 1  

Feel like you need someone to talk to?

Feeling lost out there in the jungle? Let me tell you this, you are probably not the first one to encounter a certain challenge. Expressing your challenges is the first step towards overcoming it. 

Don’t miss anything!

Good teachers make sure that their students outgrow themselves. If you want to be part of this community, whether as a student or as a future teacher, then let us know. In the meantime, don’t miss our updates with new online workshops, incredible courses and just some fun stuff. 

Our Instructors

Meet our instructors, always ready to help you out! 

We are still on the lookout for new instructors. Get in touch with us in case you want to be part of this fantastic team. 

Philip Verhaeghe

Business writer, content provider, and a public speaker. 

Frederik Daneels

Frederik Daneels

Finetuning project management, skillshare teacher

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