About me

To be the best version of yourself is to listen to all that surrounds you

Nice to meet you

I am Frederik Daneels, a Belgian currently living in Germany. Extra Paar Handen was founded in 2011 supporting companies and small business owners with their administrative work. 

Extra Paar Handen is a Dutch expression (actually Flemish) that people use to express that they could use some extra help. To me, owning a business is nothing more than offering help and creating opportunities for your environment. Well, Extra Paar Handen is my way of helping.

I consider myself and many other freelancers as entrepreneurial freelancers. These are persons that are growing their own business is such a way that it doesn’t affect other (often personal) fields of life in a negative way. Life has many facets that are worth exploring, discovering, work being one of them. 

My vision on life & work

I used to have clearly numbered days, such as weekdays and weekends. I translated these into working days and free days.

I now have only one day: today.

Decide for yourself where, when and how you will work, and it will give you the biggest joy when you realize that you are doing it.

Starting up a business 7 years ago was, and still is, a quest for freedom. Sometimes I lose the freedom, getting caught up in the side effects of wanting the best, and only the best for myself, the client and everyone around me. Sometimes I find myself at the complete opposite side of it, feeling as if I take too much freedom, regardless of anyone.

I’ve come to realize that everything comes in waves, sometimes you get overwhelmed by the amounts of work, sometimes you almost drown in a flood of freedom. Life doesn’t cut a clear line in between ‘work and life’, it’s all the same.

What today brings is mostly a surprise, sometimes it’s more ‘work’ than ‘freedom’, but one thing is sure: it’s always a day to express myself or to just be myself. Change your work into something that is your own and see it as expressing yourself. Whenever you act – in work, sports, arts, cooking food, cleaning, … – it is all about expressing what’s in you.

The way you act, will reveal how you feel at that moment, showing your colours inside. Don’t let those be the colours that somebody else put in there, show yours. When life gives you a chance to be yourself, enjoy it to the fullest. A break from acting is recharging the batteries to add the shininess to your colours once again.

Life doesn’t cut a line between work and play, neither should you.

My purpose

It’s my deepest wish that you might find your true essence, live your own life and by doing that, making this world an even better place. True happiness is your default state of being when you live your own authentic life.

I want you to feel how nice it is to have the freedom to be yourself, radiating your authentic colours, wether it is as an entrepreneur or just as you being a father, a mother, a neighbour or a friend. 

It’s my life mission to help anyone who’s walking the same path as I have done (and which I am still walking). If you are looking to be ‘unstuck’ in whatever situation you are, than this might the place that you were looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to share some thoughts and perspectives. 

My biggest message is that you are free and that you can feel free (and happy) too when some things come together in your life! It’s up to you to embrace your full potential & power!


Do it yourself

I am someone who likes to find things out for myself, so most people would call me an autodidact. I read anything that I can get my hands on as long as it is more or less non-fiction. I have read books about how to find happiness (more than I would like to admit), I have read and studied business books, marketing, books about nature and life itself. 

All this knowledge has given me a huge amount of pleasure, not only reading it, but also in helping me to learn and understand more about Life itself. It’s my biggest passion to find out how Life actually works and how to implement the wisdom of nature in my own life.

The life map is my creation and gives me an understanding of how Life works behind the scenes.  You too can learn how to align all levels in order to achieve your biggest goals. In short, I like to see it as a course in ‘how to become your own coach‘. Give it a try if you want to and feel free to let me know how it is working out for you.

Do it together

Out of experience I know that you might not always be looking for knowledge, but might be looking for support instead. Someone who can help you find the right direction, who can make it clear what to focus on to make progress. 

It’s not a coincidence if you are reading this. Don’t think you are alone in this, because you are not. I am here to help you out, if this is that what you feel is needed. Start by letting me know what’s on your mind. What are the challenges that keep you from being yourself and getting the most out of your life?