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Guide – how to learn anything

As an entrepreneurial freelancer, it is important to figure out the next right step, whether this is for your own business or for your client. This means that learning as a skill is one of the core skills a freelancer should have and always should be further developing.

I have investigated how learning can be done efficiently so that goals and targets can be achieved without losing time or focus during the learning process. It’s not a quick fix, but it will make you understand and see how and why some things work out and why others don’t. I kindly invite you to download this guide and put the knowledge into practice.

Freedom as the starting point 

Do you remember when you first started your business? Was it the freedom that drew you in?  Or maybe just recently freedom started calling you. How can you combine a successful company and time and energy to engage in life?

The philosophy of Extra Paar Handen is that work is there to support an amazing life. However, in reality, most people are living in function of their work… The intention for Extra Paar Handen is to recalibrate, modify and set up structures that give freedom to enjoy and live life to the fullest. 

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The different layers of freedom

The different layers of freedom

This article is one about the different layers that freedom contains so that you can work on one (or more) layers at the time in order to gain more freedom for your future self. Freedom is mobility Let's start with the most obvious layer of freedom: the physical one....

Dealing with the uncontrollable – the emotional world

Dealing with the uncontrollable – the emotional world

There's something magical about the present. It's when you are working with the past, the physical world as we know it, and at the same time we are shaping the future with our actions. We transform the past into the future by being and acting in the present.  The...

Dealing with the uncontrollable – the mental world

Dealing with the uncontrollable – the mental world

As humans, we are almost constantly caught in our mental world, mostly without us realizing it. Thoughts are racing through our head, some of them make sense, others absolutely are not. Say yourself, why does it pop up that you need to do the laundry while being in...

I’ve created Extra Paar Handen for those who are ready to take initiative of their own life, who want to grow their business and enjoy an extraordinary life. ‘Work’ is there to support an amazing life and not the other way around!

Frederik Daneels

Founder, Extra Paar Handen