What if I told
you freelancing
could be easy?


groene golfjes

That you don’t have to…

Fish bone
Tough decisions
Fight uphill battle

Become a workaholic

You can earn more than a decent living without working 24/7 in an ever increasing speed. As a freelance it’s pretty easy to fall into the freelance trap

It’s a common wish to have a full agenda, which means a lot of income, but once accomplished, we long for more freedom and a less full agenda.

Make tough decisions on your own

Every freelancer has decisions to make, some of them are more tough than others to make. 

Being a freelancer doesn’t mean that you cannot ask for help or advice. Talking to a fellow freelancer about the current challenges can do miracles. 

Fight an uphill battle to find clients

Starting out in the freelance world is an adventure on itself. One of the first problems that will come your way is to find a (first) client.

What if I say that you don’t have to force yourself to network all the time in order to get new assignments?

You, my dear freelancer are made. Not born.

It’s a skill you can master.

Let me teach you

snail on line

What would your life look like if you wouldn’t believe freelancing is tough?

Let’s go back to the drawing board.

Avoiding the freelance trap is a bit tricky, as one rolls into it without realizing it. The most common pitfall is to say ‘yes’ to as good as anything, consuming your time and energy, while there might have been better options to consider, and better decisions that could have been made.

Consider the following 5 steps for anything that comes your way, whether that is work coming in, a friend offering to go for a drink, a sudden opportunity that presents itself,…

Step 1: Clarify your north star. Does this (bene)fit me personally?

Step 2: Observe reality from a beginner’s mind. Do I have what is needed to make this decision and to act upon it?

Step 3: Decide on your next step + act on it.

Step 4: Let go and take distance. Enjoy the moment and think of the process that you have started.

Step 5: Evaluate the results of your action. Repeat or adjust if necessary and start the loop again.

Get started now!

5 exercizes / 10 minutes

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Ready to master your freelance life?



One of the greatest assets of a freelancer is an endless curiosity and the will to always learn more. 

A freelancer is a lifelong learner. I collected the best courses here for you that will teach you not only how to run your business, but also to help design the best freelancer life for you. 

SOS Calls

In a tough spot? No worries, I’ve got your back. There’s nothing that tops a good talk with a fellow freelancer that understands the freelance challenges we all have to face.

Talking about your challenges is the first step in overcoming them.  No matter if it’s a personal or a strategic topic, feel free to have a heads up with me! 


Sometimes you want to test the waters before jumping in completely.

These workshops are intentionally designed for a small group of freelancers, creating a safe environment to try out something new, like pitching, introducing a different business model and much more…

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